Afternoon Activities

During conference days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), the afternoons are unscheduled time. There are numerous options. Note that, although some of these look like pure recreation, we have some of our most interesting discussions once the structure and constraints are completely removed.

  • Skiing. The schedule allows you to purchase a 12 day afternoon pass. Skiing is completely optional, and is your responsibility, although groups are likely to form. See for more information.

  • Other Outdoor Snow Activities. These include Nordic (cross-country) skiing, snowshoeing, and snow biking, and can be arranged through the Crested Butte Nordic Center.

  • Afternoon Workshops. People often spontanously decide to create their own workshops to investigate a particular idea or technology. Rooms at the Parish Hall are usually available, or you can hold them at one of the rental houses or in my living room (which has a Chromcast-enabled TV).

  • Rest and Recovery. In case you need to get used to the altitude, or to work on your own, or just recover from life.