Conference Theme

Although the theme sets the general tone of the conference, it doesn’t preclude session topics that might be considered “off theme.” The goal of the theme is to stimulate ideas, not to prevent discussion.

Unleashing Open Source

Open source might be the most valuable thing we’ve done with programming. But in many ways, it’s being held back. What can we do to improve the open-source landscape?

  • What new models can we discover to fund open-source development?
  • Starting projects: can we apply some of the lessons learned in the startup world to get projects started and move them forward faster?
  • Should we find ways to build teams, rather than relying on the lone-programmer approach?
  • How to incorporate open source software into your enterprise cost-effectively and still give back.
  • Open standards as a competitive advantage.
  • Web compatibility and 3rd party application interoperability.
  • How everyone can benefit from open sourcing enterprise software.
  • Plus anything else anyone wants to talk about, of course.
  • And our business track.

The Topics from 2019

Here are the session topics (created by attendees):

  • Age/D+I in Tech
  • Ansible vs Salt at Massive Scale
  • Coding for Positive Social Impact
  • Exception Handling from Code to Client
  • Financial Independence
  • Functional Programming
  • Growing a Meetup Group
  • Help! I’m drowning in languages!
  • How do I hire better?
  • How to Initiate Change?
  • Change and Technical Leadership
  • Introduction to Pony Language
  • Job Offer Negotiation
  • Kubernetes
  • Lambdas or Longer (Serverless)
  • Low Level Programing Tips & Tricks
  • Machine Learning Framework (Image Recognition)
  • Microservices: When are they Macroservices?
  • Navigating from Proprietary to Open Source
  • Purging CI/CD Tech Debt
  • Real World Experiences in Spark
  • Scaling Orgs when Self-Organizing (Intentional Culture Creation)
  • Sharing Critical Data Between Services
  • Staying Happy, Healthy, and Patient in Software
  • Staying Motivated - What Drives You?
  • University to Software Engineer Pipeline
  • Up-front Design, Documentation, and Architecture
  • What book helped you grow?
  • What is a Code Review?
  • What makes a good interview question?
  • What Makes for Satisfying Soft. Eng. Career Growth?
  • Where are your commits deployed?
  • Women’s Experiences in Tech
  • Working Remote

There were also a number of afternoon workshops.