Conference Theme

Although the theme sets the general tone of the conference, it doesn’t preclude session topics that might be considered “off theme.” The goal of the theme is to stimulate ideas, not to prevent discussion.

Should Your Company Change Languages?

  • Over time you might have discovered that your language is holding you back, and a different language might be more appropriate – even if it means moving from a language like Scala “back to” Java, as Twitter did.
  • New languages promise modern features, greater productivity, and fewer problems.
  • Kotlin, Go, Elm, Pony, Rust, Julia, and others.
  • How do you evaluate the benefits vs. the costs (and hidden costs) of making the change?
  • What strategies work best for introducing the new language?
  • These sessions are a great way to get insights from people who have been in the trenches of such transitions.
  • Has your new VP heard of one of these languages on the golf course and decided, without talking to anyone technical, that this is how he’s going to make his impact?
  • Plus anything else anyone wants to talk about, of course.
  • And our business track.